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Spell Crafting?

          Crafting and casting a spell is not as simple as just writing a few words and saying them out loud while waving a piece of wood (wand) and expecting it to work with a loud bang and a flash of light. You have got to work at it; you have to collect all the information you need and all the various spell ingredients that you will need. While doing so you should think about what you are doing and why? Think about what you are asking or expecting the herb or gem stone to do, why the colour of the candles should be this colour as opposed to that colour? Doing this helps you to concentrate or focus your mind. You must also make sure that the wording of the spell is well thought out and concise with no room for misinterpretation, as I have said before “as above so below” it works both ways so make sure there is no confusion in the wording!

          In selecting your colours, herbs, incenses and crystals etc you are mentally and spiritually preparing yourself for the task you have set yourself, i.e. the casting of the spell!  The intent and outcome must be thought through and clearly envisioned; as every action will have a re-action and if you are meticulous in your spell crafting your spell when cast will stand a greater chance of a successful outcome. When you craft a spell the more power you build into it the more likely it is to be successful. I would also strongly suggest that you cast your spell in a sacred circle to help contain and focus the power released by you with the casting of the spell!

          There are many aspects that need to be thought of and addressed in order to do this; the first is the time of the year. The year is broken into two halves known as the waxing half and the waning half of the year. The Waxing half starts at the Winter Solstice (Yule) when the power of the sun starts to increase in strength and the length of the daylight hours grow with the power of the sun, growing in strength until it is at its zenith on the eve of the Summer Solstice (Litha);

          The Waning half of the year is when the power of the sun starts to diminish and the length of daylight hours are decreasing although at first it doesn’t seem that this is so; the waning runs from the Summer Solstice through to its nadir; the Winter Solstice (Yule). Each of these halves is in turn broken down into Lunar Months and each of these Lunar months is in turn broken down into a Waxing Moon and a Waning Moon. There are thirteen lunar months in a solar year.

          You will also need to know about incense; what blends will you burn to empower, boost and aid your spell, as well as what gem stones will assist and add power to your spell; what colour should your candles be in order to add more power to your spell. Should you anoint your candles, if so what type of oil should you use? Each of these decisions needs to be made prior to assembling and crafting your spell.

          In general the timing of casting a spell is quite simple. If you are drawing or summoning something to you or to others, that is of a beneficial nature such as money, health, luck, knowledge etc you need a waxing moon better still the full moon and if possible in the waxing half of the year; if you are repelling or banishing something unwanted you need to use the waning moon or the dark of the moon, and if it’s possible in the waning half of the year. It’s not always possible or convenient to cast spells at the optimum time of the year which is why it is prudent to build as much power into the spell as is possible in as many other ways as you can. If it’s at all feasible try to pick a time of the year when the astrological sign that matches and possibly aids the type of spell you are about to cast. Unfortunately you will then need to look up the all the aspects and characteristics of the different astronomical signs in order to use the right one.

          Last but in no way least, the most important part of your spell that must be crafted in is which Goddess or God (or both) to choose, whose nature and attributes are more likely to aid you with this particular spell (see Gods & Goddesses) its no good asking a harvest Goddess or God to aid you in a protection spell, just as its no good asking a God or Goddess of war to aid you in gaining wealth, unless you intend to rob a bank or mug someone! So make the effort to choose the correct Deity.

          So far you should have worked out the time of the year, the time of the moon and possibly the astrological sign, also the day and the hour if you are using astrological signs; if not usually the evening is a traditional time.

          By now you should also have a fair idea of the candle colours; gem stone; incense and herbs etc. Now all you need to do is to bring it all together.

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